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Our Health Care interventions

     KIFAD HIV Support Centre and Public Health Hub

KIFAD HIV Support Centre and Public Health Hub offers a wide range of specialized services with the aim of early detection, prevention and treatment of AIDS Related Conditions (ARC) that may cause serious disabilities among PLHIV or hinder the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy (ART) which is the most effective palliation for HIV/AIDS

           Services Offered

At KIFAD HIV Support Centre and Public Health Hub, our clients receive access to HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT) and condoms. They are offered preventative treatment e.g. septrin for some illnesses.

         HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT)

As new HIV infections continue to be recorded, KIFAD puts emphasis on HIV prevention and other related diseases.  The entry point into care for all clients is HIV Counselling and Testing. We also test children as young as 24 months for HIV and if positive, they are started on free Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART).

KIFAD’s interventions have been focused on the key populations / Most at Risk Populations (MARPs). Due to the high risk nature of interventions, KIFAD is reaching the Most At Risk Populations (Commercial sex workers, Fisher folks, plantation workers, Stone quarry workers , Boda boda cyclists among others) with integrated Outreach services. These include HIV Counselling and Testing, family planning, condom distribution, and STI management, and Pre-ART services.


          Out-patient services for Adults and Children.

KIFAD Medical Clinic offers out-patient services for both adults and children. Due to increasing demand, KIFAD Medical Clinic offers high quality general health care services to the general public irrespective of one’s HIV status. Service are available at a reasonable costs to the members of the general public who may require it. Contact us for further details.

Other Specialized Services:

In partnership and collaboration with other like-minded, KIFAD offers other specialized services. These include;

Eye clinic.

KIFAD Eye Clinic provides optical services through a community outreach where optical services are brought nearer the communities which need them. This at the moment is done once a month. The Eye Clinic assesses for, treats and prevents eye complications so as to improve the individual patient’s quality of life

Services Offered:

The Clinic offers services to the communities reaching both adults and children. The clinic specifically offers the following services;

  1.      Consultation on all eye related defects
  2.      Comprehensive eye examination which includes refractive assessment. screening for glaucoma, cataracts and other eye diseases.
  3.      Treatment of minor eye ailments.
  4.      Provision of all types of frames and lenses
  5.      Referrals and Linkages complicated cases
           Dental care

Poor oral health impacts individuals on a personal and economic level and incurs a significant cost globally. All patients were oriented on oral hygiene educational before receiving a thorough examination. Treatments offered included simple scaling, fluoride application, treatment of infection and extraction.

         Breast / Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is among the leading killer diseases in women and girls of the reproductive age. The situation is made worse if a woman is HIV positive. For this reason, KIFAD in partnership and collaboration with specialized institutions initiated efforts of improving women’s health by detecting early and treating all women at risk of cervical cancer. KIFAD organizes and carries out outreaches in partnership with various organizations and institutions at its Centre.
Every quarter, KIFAD screens over 250 women for breast and cervical cancer with about 100 youth benefiting from this service. Cervical and breast cancer screening are done simultaneously in the reproductive health clinic for all women in the reproductive age seeking any service at KIFAD





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