Our core program areas

Our programs throughout our operational area in Uganda are based on a holistic approach, which supports vulnerable children and their families even in times of crisis. KIFAD fights for children’s rights and achieves positive outcomes and sustainable progress in overcoming the vulnerability in Uganda’s current context of disease, poverty and ignorance. Our work also applies to two other targets, which are Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) and Key and Priority Populations KPP (sexual workers, fishers, Boda cyclists, homosexuals, injecting drug users, long distance truck drivers, plantation farmers, uniform personnel…). We ensure to mobilize communities to solve their own problems and live with dignity and that our initiatives meet the today and tomorrow’s needs.

BUT HOW DO WE PROCEED EXACTLY? The challenges we face everyday with the households are all different and unique. Our focus is really on the socio economically disadvantaged people living in resource-constrained settings with special emphasis to vulnerable children and their families. As soon as we meet an issue with a child, our first step will be to screen the household and identify the needs of the family. We ensure to do our best in providing a safe environment to this child and his family. We help the households with our experience and resources as much as we can. We try to maintain children in school over the long-term, provide for their health, particularly HIV/AIDS prevention, care and psychosocial support or empower them economically.

The work we do with the adolescent girls and young women follows the same process. A lot of young women give birth before they are eighteen while they are still themselves children. Most of them have not even finished school because of financial issue or early pregnancy. They don’t have any job and any resources to afford their life and their children’s needs. It happens also they have been given up by their parents or they don’t even know who and where they are. KIFAD assists them in their daily life by for example providing them psychosocial support or also by giving them trainings about how to save money and start a small business with the resources they have. We help them do their best to take care of their children and ensure these children will grow up in a safe environment.

We also aim to uphold the status of the key and priority populations to ensure we provide for health, particularly HIV/TB prevention, referral and linkage into care and treatment, STI screening and treatment and psychosocial support. We ensure that they are treated as citizens and that they receive the help they need despite their professional activity or way of life. In order to assist us in our work in the field within the different rural villages, we mobilize community leaders to collect the needs, possible encountered problems or even feedbacks for us to best meet basic needs. We really want to mobilize the entire communities into self-reliant action and we foster effective partnerships to engage local government and organizations in case we cannot support the family or we don’t have the resources for it.

While adapted to meet local challenges and opportunities wherever we work, all our programs have at their foundation the following core program areas:

- Health
- Education
- Food security and nutrition
- Psychosocial support
- Child protection and legal support
- Economic empowerment

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