Nulu Nalubega

Sex: Female. Date of Birth: 06.04.2002 (14 Years)

Nulu is a humble, likeable girl with a remarkable charisma. She is curious about learning new things and is able to grab them very fast. She became part of the dance group “Emijiji Emitto” (eng. Young Generation) and performed in their video. Nulu lives with her mother and her three siblings in a small room. Several months ago, a heavy rainfall destroyed their home. Due the the lack of money, they were not able to repair the house completely. The shelter is inadequate, where rain easily enters. Nulu’s father is mostly absent and does not support the family financially, so the mother has to try to cater for school, food and health related expenses. She is a causal worker, whereby she offers services like digging in return for food or small money.  She earns less than 50 cent per day. (1500 Shs) Nulu spent a few years without studying, since money was not enough and her brothers were prioritized to go to school. She was helping her mother in domestic work, yet she is willing to study, but the circumstances she is living in, do not allow her to attend school regularly. Will you help Nulu to get proper education that she can be independent one day?

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