Mubi John

Sex: Male. Year of Bith: 2010 (6 Years)

John is a kind, open and playful boy. He lives with his mother and 3 siblings, after his father recently died. With KIFADs aid he could start school this year, yet school fees are the problem, whereby he is regularly sent back home. John`s mother never attended school. She is a causal labourer and has to cater for the whole family with less than 1 Euro a day. Some days they spend without having a meal, especially during the last dry season. Instead of a latrine, they use the bush, which is not safe and aggravates the bad hygienic circumstances. Due to that the children are frequently sick with minimal access to health care. If you want to change John`s course of life, click “sponsor me” and get him out of poverty with offering proper education.

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