Naluggwa Sylvia

Sex: Female. Date of Biirth: 01.07.2002 (14 Years)

Sylvia is an ambitious, humble and loving girl, who is curious about what happens around her and in the world.  She is willing to attend school regularly, yet the circumstances she is living in, do not allow that. Sylvia is orphaned and stays together with four sibling and cousins in a small hut. Her caregiver is digging to afford at least daily one meal. She earns around 50 cent per day, which obviously is not enough for any of their basic needs. Sylvia reported repeated physical abuse. She and her siblings are struggling for life daily. With your aid, Sylvia could attend school regularly and can pursuit her right to education. In addition KIFAD is going to intervene to ensure that she lives in a safe environment without violence. Sponsor her today.

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