Farouk Nsamba

Sex: Male. Year of Birth: 2000 (16 years)

His mother can`t afford to pay school fees for continuing Senior School. She is a widowed, causal worker, who has to take care of six children, after her husband died. The family earns around 5000 Shs a day with digging. (less than 2 Euros) Also Farouk and his younger brother are involved in this work, to increase their income. Anyway, the family struggles to pay school, health and food related expenses. Especially the younger children are obvious malnourished, due to the fact that they can spend days without having a meal. In addition the home is incomplete with an insufficient latrine and a damaged shelter, where rain easily enters. To exculpate this household and to give the family member a better future perspective, KIFAD plans to support the children with school fees. Would you help Farouk to make his vision become true?

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