Mustafa Ssebyala

Sex: Male. Year of Birth: 2003 (13 years)

Mustafa is an extroverted, humorous boy, who was dropped out at P.3. He spent 3 years without studying and is involved in mechanical work to earn money for his father. Mustafa lives together with his 11 year-old brother and his father, who is HIV positive and handicapped after an accident. He never attended school and is unemployed. Due to the lack of income, they are not able to buy food or to pay other expenses like school fees. They depend on donations, so they can spend days without having a meal. Mustafa sleeps on sheets on the ground. The shelter is damaged and leaking. In his home there is no provision of electricity and in addition the hygienic circumstances are critically. Would you help motivating Mustafa to go back to school to improve his life and to keep him away from child labour?

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