Aisha Namale

Sex: Female Date of Birth: 10.01.2007 (9 Years)

Aisha is a self-confident, active girl, who has a great charisma. She is a passionate dancer and was also part of the dance group “Emijiji Emitto” as actor and dancer.  When Aisha is grown up, she would like to do decorations for festivals and for that she is willing to finish proper education. Unfortunately the circumstances she is living in, do not allow her to attend school regularly.  The household struggles to pay food, health and school related expenses. Aisha is living with her 5 siblings and her mother in a small house. The father is mostly absent.  Mainly, Aisha`s mother has to cater for the families` needs. She is a causal worker , where she earns around 1 Euro per day.  Are you willing to escort and support Aisha on her way?

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